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Whether they are for clients, staff or VIP's corporate dinners require that everything must go right. Most corporate dinners are selling a product, a message or an image. There are a number of ways where the right Magic performer can just be the icing on the cake. Whether it is the magician quietly moving from table to table performing 'Close-Up' Magic or the magician performing surrounded on the Cabaret floor(see below) your dinner can be made memorable.

A Magic act which can be anything from a 7 minute act to a 50 minute act, is ideal to lighten up the evening following speeches which while not everyone wants to hear, are often a necessary part of the evening. Magic on these occasions can be used to introduce a new product, a message or even magically produce the Managing Director if required. Whatever the purpose of the evening a professional magic show can bring fun and laughter to the evening making it a most enjoyable occasion. We will be happy to call on you and show how you can best benefit.

Most successful Magic made popular only in the past five years or so. The Magician is hired for a period of time performing Close-Up Magic either during cocktails just before everyone proceeds into the dining room, or alternatively during dinner, a mini-magic show is performed at each table, giving everyone their own individual personal magic show. The number of tables and the time the magician spends at each table, determines how many performers you require and for how long they are required. We have access to most of Australia's best performing Magicians with which we can assist you.

Show us your new product and we will show you real Magic as we incorporate it either as part of a trick or as the trick itself, bringing to it all the attention you desire. Whether you want this at an exhibition, product launch to staff or clients, at a corporate dinner (as mentioned above) or even in a shopping centre for the public this new approach will get the attention you want for your product.

Involved with an exhibition? A magician on your stand acts as a magnet for all those potential customers who would otherwise, maybe, just walk on by. Performing a short magic show, repeated throughout the day, he can not only mention your product but gently invite everyone in as he hands over to your salesmen. Yet another way he proves his worth is by being available to immediately show your clients a magic trick, when suggested by any of your staff, maintaining the whole atmosphere on your stand as enjoyable and relaxed.

Yes! We go out of our way, once we know the purpose of the event, to ensure that you get what you require and as smoothly as possible.

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