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Mr Winkle the Wizard

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A Procession, years ago was designed to attract attention and encourage the crowd attracted, to follow it. The procession would lead often to a market place where entertainers would abound hoping to earn some money with their performances, being what we today call buskers. In current times a procession is often held purely for the entertainment of the public, however they are still often used to encourage the crowd to a central point where other entertainment has been provided. This entertainment can be in many forms including a Fete, Funfair or perhaps a stage performance by variety artists or bands. Often there will be a civic reception or dinner during the evening either before or after. The Magician can add in many ways to the procession and afterwards whether it be Fete, Fair, Stage show or Civic dinner.
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Otherwise consider some of the following ideas.

A Magician included in any procession will attract attention providing he is dressed differently and presents the right type of magic to entertain the crowd as it moves along. 'Mr Winkle the Wizard' or 'Peghead Pete the Pirate' definitely fit the bill for this. Having included one of these in the procession then he should obviously be asked to perform afterwards if there is to be a Fete or similar.

Whether a procession is associated with the fete or not there are a number of ways in which a magician can be used to enhance the fete
1. Just by advertising him as being present for all the children prior to the event acts as an attraction, encouraging people to come along on the day.

Peghead Pete the Pirate

2. The Magician can be hired to roam around the area performing magic for everyone, stopping here and there as the occasion demands. This is often referred to as 'Strolling Magic'

3. The Magician can provide a set number of shows say each of 20 to 30 minutes, in and around the area. He can be left to determine the best spots or instructed as to where you want him to perform.

4. A hall or nearby building can be set aside and Magic shows performed at set times throughout the day. You as the organiser can make a charge for admittance and depending on prior publicity either get your money back or even make a profit. Even a marquee hired for the day could be used.

5. Finally often a stage or large truck is set up as a stage and various artists perform throughout the day and evening. A Magician adds variety to this and can perform a number of shows throughout the day and providing there is some form of lighting, throughout the evening as well.

Providing people aren't being asked to pay for everything a charge made for a Magic Show is never a problem. This is one way in which you can, come some way towards, recovering your costs or even make a profit. As an enticement it is a good idea to provide a short sharp show which leaves them intrigued and interested in seeing more. This can be done on the public stage(if you are having one) and then immediately inviting everyone into see the show for which they have to pay.

Yes! We go out of our way to work in with what you want, so give us a call and let us give you a quote. The aim is to give you entertainment that runs smoothly for everyone.

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