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Mr Tricks the Magician

Hi! Kindergarten children are one of the most satisfying audiences for which to perform. While many have a dificulty with this age group the secret is being able to hold their attention by keeping them enthralled with what's going on. Presenting Magic in story fashion, for instance, is just one of the ways we do this, but visual appeal and something happening all the time is not far behind. We even include a safety message that is fun and something they are unlikely to forget.

Peghead Pete the Pirate

'Mr Tricks the Magician', 'Peghead Pete the Pirate' or 'Mr Winkle the Wizard' are three great characters, experienced and recommended for Kindergarten age children.

While Mr Tricks can look after all age groups we suggest Peghead Pete is best suited when the Kindergarten is having a dress-up or costume party. Ideal of course for a theme party. Mr Winkle is highly recommended and is especially great for the very young children. He just seems to 'click' with them. Speaking of clicking, just 'Click' on any one of the pictures, for more information.

Mr Winkle the Wizard

We highly recommend that you limit the performance to half an hour, the attention span of kindergarten age children will not normally go far beyond this. If you want the children to have more time with the magician this can be arranged, but, while we could do a one hour show we suggest that some other activity be encouraged. Even at this age the show includes audience participation with, in many cases, the magic actually happening in the children's own hands. We like to make everyone of them feel special.

We want your party to be a success so give us a call and discuss how we can make your party different and full of fun and laughter.

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Tel: (03) 9786 5481 – FAX: (03) 97867951
EMAIL: mrtricks@ozemail.com.au

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