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Hi! Money raising is a problem dealt with by clubs, schools, sporting associations and charities all the time. The best money raisers are those which are enjoyable and the people donating are getting something in return.
How an organisation makes money can depend on the facilities they already have. Some have licensed premises, some have un-licensed premises while others don't have any premises at all. If you are in the latter category, you will find many licensed clubs, such as bowling, golf, RSL etc. will be delighted to have your organisation come in and hold a function in their clubrooms. Many halls and theatres are available for hire. Many councils also give a special hiring rate for money raising activities.
While you must give value for money, just remember the more prestigous the location the more that can be charged and therefore the more money you can raise.

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A complete evening or after noons entertainment can be provided. A normal show generally goes for one and a half hours. You hire a local hall or theatre and we provide the show. Increasing the number of performers obviously increases the costs, however, we can easily provide 2 half hour shows, and if you prefer we will Compere a talent quest, which can be advertised along with the show. Alternatively local talent will often volunteer to provide the additional half hour required. Publicity can often be obtained free of charge in the local newspapers, or, how about willing helpers delivering pamphlets to the shops and homes in your area. If it is a children's show you want to promote, then pamphlets may be handed out at the local schools.

An evening out at the local hotel can be made exciting if there is Magic Entertainment. A private room may be booked and dinner served. After the main course, either a 40 minute show or a 20 minute show followed by another 20 minute show after the sweets and coffee has proved an easy fund raiser. We have successfully provided this on a number of occasions. Recorded background music can be provided during the evening or alternatively, depending on budget, provide anything from a single pianist to a five piece Rock Band.

The Club Dinner can vary so much between clubs depending upon facilities available. A club dinner can be held in a rented hall, even one without kitchen facilities. Caterers now-a-days can bring everything they need with them, from stoves, heaters to washing up facilities. We also carry just about everything needed, including sound, lighting and even a platform to ensure everyone can see. Arranging the hall, the caterer and the entertainment is all you need to do before having the tickets ready to sell.

The Magic Supper can be one of the easiest to organise. All you have to do is hire a hall and advertise the evening. Tables and chairs are set up and everyone is invited to bring their own supper in a basket for an evening of Magic. This way there is no catering to worry about unless you want to provide teas and coffees. We can provide the magic entertainment which can be backed with local talent if you wish. Once again a talent quest can be combined with this with a small prize being presented to the winner.

Raising money is serious business. Having decided what type of promotion you want to start with, you must first work out a budget. If you don't do this you will fail! Get quotes for everything you need, write them down, and add them up. Now, estimate the minimum number of people you KNOW will attend. Don't be tempted to fudge this figure. Now divide your costs by this minimum number. This is the price per person you need to charge to make a profit, or worst to break even.
If you sell only this minimum number of tickets you will break even. If you sell more you will make a profit because not all of your costs will increase with numbers. Obviously to make a reasonable profit a minimum of say $2 per head should be added to this figure. Depending upon how prestigious the location or the function depends on how much may be added to the price of the tickets.

We are prepared to go out of our way to help you so have a think about what you feel you'd be comfortable with and give us a call. You could be surprised.

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Tel: (03) 9786 5481 – FAX: (03) 97867951
EMAIL: mrtricks@ozemail.com.au

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