Mr Tricks - Peghead Pete - Mr Winkle - Count Gray

The Magical Characters

Hello! My real name is Graham and I have four delightful characters especially developed for children.... "Mr Tricks the Magician", "Peghead Pete the Pirate", Mr Winkle the Wizard" and "Count Gray the Weird Vampire. These charming characters who fit in with almost any theme are, of course, all non-threatening to the younger children. Over 80% of the children's shows performed as these characters are either repeat bookings or from recommendations made by people who have seen the shows.
MR TRICKS MR TRICKS. comes dressed in the more traditional image wearing the Tuxedo shown, a bright Blue Tuxedo or, in summer, a bright Blue Waistcoat, which is just enough to set him apart.
PEGHEAD PETE THE PIRATE The bright red baggy trousers and the brilliant blue and white striped shirt with his red bandanna tied around his head immediately stamps him as a pirate from the high seas. The bright colours attract the children along with his non frightening personality.
WINKLE THE WIZARD MR WINKLE THE WIZARD Once again the personality of his character wins the hearts of the children. The traditional dark black robes of the wizard have been done away with and substituted with bright non-threatening purples green and red. It is a delight to see the children's faces as he bumbles along never quite doing what he sets out to do.
COUNT GRAY THE WEIRD VAMPIRE Dressed in his long flowing red lined cape he's a non-threatening character. He pretends to be extremely disappointed that the children are not scared of him. The children laugh as he expresses how upset he is that he can't scare anyone. This has been performed for all ages with only the approach changing slightly for the very young.
This character was originally developed at the express request of the Library service The bright colours attract the children along with his non frightening personality.

The Magic

Graham's sense of humour is blended into all of his magic, whether it be for adults or children. The children laugh as he appears to be struggling with an uncontrollable piece of rope, which cannot be cut, or making a Magic Wand turn into a fishing rod or go straight.

Mr Tricks The children are amazed as a Silk Handkerchief vanishes in mid-air, only to re-appear tied between two others held, all along, by one of the youngsters. The appearance of a clowns nose out of an invisible purse gets all the children involved as one child tries to make it vanish only to find it keeps multiplying in the child's hand. The bigger children are not forgotten as they all get to count
Peghead Pete The Pirate some giant cards which mysteriously travel from one child to the other. All join in with 'Fraidy Rabbit' the rabbit that keeps changing colour, where eventually it is discovered that things aren't quite what they seem.
Baking a cake brings all sorts of laughter as, with the assistance of his little helper, Graham keeps putting the wrong things into it, only to finish up with a
Mr Winkle the Wizard giant................. Well it is a surprise but, it also illustrates a safety message. The children are reminded of the Rubic Cube when they all get to play 'The Guessing Game' only to find it has vanished and found back on the table. Metal passes through metal as the children hold the giant magic rings where eventually the child assistant finally releases the ring.
Count Gray the Weird Vampire Count Gray has all the children involved as they search for his Ghouly friend. His other mindreading friend, "Black Crow", just might turn up as well

About Graham
Graham performed his first magic trick at the age of seven (He says he wasted the first seven years of his life). Graham gained over ten years of his considerable experience when, as a teenager, he joined a concert party where he eventually finished up as Magician, Comedian, Choreographer, Producer and Director. He has appeared on all the major TV News services, as well as a number of TV specialty shows. In his Children's Magic Act he caters for everyone's interest with a mix of magic selected from around the globe mixing it all up into a blend of humour that no one can resist.

Special Events
Graham has a number of large stage illusions which can be incorporated into that special event. Such as producing Father Christmas magically. When involved with a trade show he is able to incorporate the product or a message into the entertainment/attraction.

Some Awards......
Melbourne Meeting Mart
Exhibitor's Excellence Award
"Best Promoted Stand"
"Maurice Rooklyn Award"
presented by
The Amazing Mr (Maurice) Rooklyn

Australian Society of Magicians
"Champion Magician"

TV Appearances include;
Ballarat, Mt Gambier, Shepparton
ABV2 - News & Peter Couchman Show
HSV7 - News & "Do It" with Molly Meldrum
GLV8 - News & Latrobe Valley Festival Show
GTV9 - News & A Current Affair
ATV10 - News & Search for A Star
Corporate Clients Include;
The Asthma Foundation
Coopers & Lybrand
Dulux Paints
Lysaght Industries
Myer Stores
Victorian Cricket Association
Dunlop Olympic
Toyota Australia
General Motors Holden
Telecom Australia

Graham Etherington
15 Longleaf Street
Frankston Vic. 3200

Telephone (03) 9786 5481
Fax (03) 9786 7951

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