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Magic performed in restaurants is designed to increase your trade, especially on what are usually slow evenings. This may be introduced in two ways, either as a 'one off' which can be repeated again at a later date, or as a regular weekly or monthly event.

The evening is known as the 'Gourmet Magic Night', coloured A4 posters are provided free of charge as are a number of black & white handbills which can sit on the counter and/or be given to customers. In addition should you happen to keep an address list of your regular customers, these handbills may of course be posted directly to them. We are careful to say 'Bookings are Essential' in all advertising material to ensure you know how everything is going leading up to the event. Thus, providing you have taken their telephone number, cancellations can be arranged at a late date should your publicity not be attracting sufficient numbers.
Usually the evening commences with a set menu determined by you. Following the main course a Magic floor show is provided, after which sweets and coffee are served. During the rest of the evening a mini-magic show (or close-up show) is performed at each table, giving everyone their own individual personal magic show. We will be happy to call on you, show you typical pamphlets etc. and discuss how this can work for you, even in restaurants holding as few as 20 people.

Very popular in some restaurants is the Close-Up Show, where for say two hours, on a regular basis, the Magician performs at each table in turn giving each one their own individual personal magic show. The advantage of this is that eventually people get to know that (say for example every Tuesday) there is a magician at your restaurant, and they will make a point of visiting you, often bringing their friends on this particular night.

In addition to the above you, the restaurateur, can earn additional income by referring customers to our services. Many people having a birthday party or anniversary celebration in a restaurant, while they may not think about it at the time, are often delighted when it is suggested that a Magic Show would add to their evening. A percentage of the agreed fee, may be earned this way.

Yes! We go out of our way to work in with both the restaurateur and the client. The aim is to give the end client an exceptional evening that runs smoothly for everyone.

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